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Newsletter design overview

Our Standard site is a basic web package consisting of 1 or as many pages of content you need, graphics and a contact us form. These sites are typically used to give your company a presence on the web and provide an overview of the services and/or products offered through your company.

Standard Services

  • Designed for email/web
  • Designed for print
  • Graphics optimization

    When someone visits your page they generally are there for a purpose, and that purpose is to acceess your websites content. If that person has to wait too long for the page to load then their experience may already be a poor one. This is why graphics optimization is a must.

Additional Services

  • Copywriting (content creation)

  • Extra Languages

  • Translation

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Website Features

- Personal email accounts
- Graphics optimization
- SEO by design
- Content management
- Logo design and branding
- 24 hour email support

Contact Info

USA Phone: 516-342-7702

Europe Phone: 357-99-028-211

[email protected]

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