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About Us

Planet Of Design is a multi-talented web design and development company that also offers optional hosting with every design project we do. We offer website design and website development, logo design, advertisement design, newsletter design and additional services to be added during the initial design or down the road should you decide you want them! One of the many features that set us apart from the competition is the ample storage and bandwidth we offer with every website design. We here at Planet Of Design know that website design is only a begining step for running a successful website, and that giving our clients large amounts of storage and bandwidth will allow them to have rich multimedia content without risking their site being taken offline due to bandwidth restrictions.

What makes Planet Of Design different?

Most web design companies come from one of two angles.

You have the companies that focus solely on giving you great website functionality while ignoring the graphical beauty of the site itself. On the other hand you have companies that primarily focus on making a website that is very appealing to the eye but lacks functionality. We believe that a professionally designed website is both attractive and functional, which happens to be our specialty and focus for every design project.

Building a relationship.

Designing a website is a means to an end but not the end itself. A website will grow and evolve over time. Therefore it is important for a company to build a strong relationship with the client to ensure the longevity and quality of the website. By working with you over a period of months and years, we can make modifications and additional functionality as your company grows, allowing you to provide the best experience for your own clients. In short we will be your "go to guy" for all your web design and development needs!

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Website Features

- Personal email accounts
- Graphics optimization
- SEO by design
- Content management
- Logo design and branding
- 24 hour email support

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USA Phone: 516-342-7702

Europe Phone: 357-99-028-211

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